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Thai Stock Exchange Launching Digital Asset Trading in H2, Cryptos Excluded
Listing cryptocurrencies could harm the stock exchange’s image and lose investor confidence, an executive said.

BMW, Ford Help Advance Standard for ‘Tamper-Proof’ Blockchain Identities for Vehicles
A new standard developed in a MOBI working group is aimed at tackling used car fraud with verified car histories.

Trustee of Collapsed Exchange Moves to Resolve Crypto vs. Fiat Creditor Claims Tussle
Bankruptcy trustee EY is trying to resolve a dispute over how to value cryptocurrencies recovered from QuadrigaCX.

Bitfinex Says It’s Nearly Done Turning Over Documents to NYAG
The document production process has already stretched over a year.

Hive Blockchain Buys 6,400 Mining Machines From Canaan to Reach 1,200 PH/s
Delivery of the new machines is set to start in May.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hangs at $36.4K While Ether Flies to Over $1.4K
The price of bitcoin has traded in a tight range Tuesday.

Bitcoin Is Aiding the Ransomware Industry
We are living in a world where the second-order effects of permissionless money – like the greater use of ransomware – are already evident.

Coinbase Buys Blockchain Infrastructure Startup Bison Trails
Bison Trails already partnered with Coinbase through its custody service.

Blockchain Bites: ‘Crowded’ Crypto Traders, Ether All-Time High, the Bitcoin Battery Proposal
Bitcoin's environmental impact has become top focus for some critics as traders go "long BTC" and Dunamu reveals a “fear and greed” index.

The US Can Make Bitcoin Mining Greener
With companies like Square announcing environment-focused mining initiatives, the U.S. can take the lead in reducing bitcoin's carbon impact.

French Central Bank Trials Digital Currency for Interbank Settlement
The pilot involved the settlement on a private blockchain of around €2 million.

Brave Becomes First Browser to Offer Native IPFS Integration
IPFS integration gives Brave users easier access to the protocol while improving the overall resilience of the internet.

Bitcoin News Roundup for Jan. 19, 2021
With more traders betting on bitcoin than tech stocks and ether briefly reaching an all-time high, CoinDesk’s Market’s Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

Criminal Activity in Crypto Transactions Fell Sharply in 2020, Says Chainalysis
Partly offsetting the positive trend is an explosion in ransomware attacks, which rose 311% from 2019.

Saddle Raises $4.3M for Slippage-Free DeFi Trading
Silicon Valley's Saddle is solving the stablecoin spread that currently dogs DeFi.

Extremism and Cryptocurrency: The Story Too Big to Ignore
In this episode, Anna Baydakova, Danny Nelson, and Tanzeel Akhtar discuss livestreaming the insurrection on a blockchain, Iran taking the mining industry under control, and if Europe can regulate bitcoin.

State of Crypto: What the Crypto World Should Watch for in the Biden Era
The incoming president has already announced he would tap pro-crypto, pro-regulation Gary Gensler to lead the SEC, but other issues remain.

First Mover: Ethereum Steals Limelight With New All-Time High Price as Bitcoiners HODL
Crypto traders shift focus to ether as second-largest cryptocurrency surges to new record price, but bitcoiners aren't going anywhere.

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