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Is Crypto's Weekend Slide More Than the 'Musk Effect' and What Happens Next?
"First Mover" checks in with experts on the bitcoin selloff as Elon Musk hints at Tesla's dumping of its bitcoin holdings. Lindsay Joo of BitBull Capital joins our markets discussion. Plus, John Wu of Ava Labs, which launched the proof-of-stake Avalanche blockchain, discusses proof-of-stake over bitcoin's proof-of-work. And, last but not least, Tax Day is here; what you need to know for your cryptocurrency investments. "First Mover" talks taxes with Amy Kim of the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

No Reason to Fear Central Bank Digital Currencies
Fears that CBDCs could cause financial instability and increase surveillance are misplaced, says our columnist.

Iran Cracks Down on Crypto Miners Using Household Electricity: Report
The measure comes as Iran suffers a shortage of hydropower in unusually dry conditions.

Bitcoin Drops After Musk Suggests Tesla May Sell Holdings, Says It Hasn't Yet
Bitcoin rebounds after its initial decline.

bEarn Fi Loses $11M in Latest Exploit of a Binance Smart Chain DeFi Protocol
The cause of the attack is still under investigation.

Inside Bram Cohen's Proof-of-Work Reinvention
In this premiere episode of "Hard Problems" with Bram Cohen, join BitTorrent inventor and Chia CEO Bram Cohen, CoinDesk's Adam B. Levine, community members JMHands and Michel Erb for a lively discussion of Bram's newly launched vision of distributed, proof-of-work consensus known as Proofs of Space and Time.

Bitcoin, Ether Dive While Some Alternative Cryptocurrencies Hit Record Highs
The balance of bitcoin held on major exchanges is on the rise in what some analysts say is a bearish sign.

The Age of Monetary Transformation feat. Bruno Macaes and Tomicah Tillemann
In this week's episode of "Money Reimagined," Sheila Warren, Michael Casey and guests contemplate where the global economy is headed in an age of monetary transformation and what that means for the power structures of the world as we know it. Bruno Macaes, a Portuguese politician, author and influential thinker on geopolitical trends, and Tomicah Tillemann, the director of the Digital Impact and Governance Initiative at the New America think tank, share their take on these matters.

Asset Manager, Once Downgraded, May Soon Lead Rivals Into Crypto
Emerald is an asset manager that previously focused on community banks but, unlike many of its peers, could not stay away from the lucrative business of crypto. This week, “Opinionated” co-hosts Ben Schiller, Anna Baydakova and Danny Nelson are talking to Steven E. Russell, Esq., portfolio manager for Emerald Banking and Finance Fund.

Vitalik vs. Dog Money: Recapping a Crazy Week in Crypto History
From Elon’s shenanigans to Vitalik’s SHIB rug pull, this was one for the history books.

India’s Crypto Demand ‘Growing Like Crazy’ Since Ban Attempt
It's only a matter of time that digital currency 'is going to overshadow all the other forms of money,' says Neeraj Khandelwal of CoinDCX.

Market Wrap: It's 'Doge Day Afternoon' as Memecoin Jumps 47%; Ether and Bitcoin Rise
Not all industry participants are amused by dogecoin’s tricks.

Bitcoin Wallet Used by DarkSide for Ransom Payments ID'd by Elliptic
Since becoming active, the wallet has received bitcoin transactions totaling $17.5 million, the data analysis firm said.

Upstate NY Bitcoin Miner Greenidge to Offset Rigs' Carbon Emissions
The power station that sparked controversy over a bitcoin mining expansion plan will also invest in renewable energy projects.

Week in Review: Bitcoin and Dogecoin's Wild Ride, Elon Musk's Market Influence
Elon Musk's tweets send prices of bitcoin & dogecoin on roller coaster rides. Now options market makers are contributing to the volatility. Plus, the debate over bitcoin mining's environmental impact continues. We're talking all about it on "All About Bitcoin" for the Week in Review.

Why the DOJ, IRS Investigation Into Binance Could Be Good for Bitcoin
In almost any scenario, the industry faces one less category of FUD on the other side of the investigations.

Musk Has Doge on a Leash. Is He a Manipulator?
Whatever his intent, to make money or to play games, Musk is putting DOGE holders in a uniquely vulnerable position.

Election Monitors Call Russia's Blockchain Voting a Black Box: Report
The Russian Central Election Commission won't allow observers to look under the hood of its blockchain voting system, experts say.

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