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Market Wrap: Traders Buy the Dip and Bitcoin Holds at $9,200
Bitcoin sticks to the $9,200 price range after some light selling early in the day.

You Can’t Fight Outrage Culture With More Outrage, Feat. Michael Krieger
For a decade, Liberty Blitzkrieg has been an essential alternative financial and cultural voice. Here’s why it’s ending.

Blockchain Bites: Coinbase’s Untraditional Investor Day and the Ethereum-EOS Arms Race in Latin America
Coinbase will host its first investor day while a protocol arms race unfolds in Latin America.

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 10, 2020
With the price of BTC headed down and the Fed's largest balance sheet decline in 11 years, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back for your bitcoin news roundup!

Cardano Creator Compares Criticism of Project to ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’
Infighting is hurting crypto, IOHK's Charles Hoskinson says, but he won't "apologize for kicking people in the teeth" on Twitter if someone is attacking Cardano or its community.

First Mover: Kyber Token’s Eightfold Increase Reveals Bet on Future Market-Share Growth
Prices for decentralized exchange Kyber's KNC token have jumped eightfold in 2020, outshining the performance of Binance's BNB coin.

Blockchain Tech Can Verify Credentials, but Beware Credentialism
Blockchain-based credentials can make getting back to work and school easier post-COVID-19. But we must resist the urge to put every life achievement on a blockchain.

Ethereum and EOSIO Square Up Over Enterprise Blockchain Business in Latin America
With ConsenSys in one corner and LatamLink in the other, a project backed by the Inter-American Development Bank is weighing Ethereum vs. EOS tech.

Brave Browser Partners With bitFlyer to Expand BAT’s Reach in Japan
The crypto exchange will build a BAT wallet for Brave as it helps the cryptocurrency grow in Japan.

Market Wrap: Stocks Tick Downward and so Does Bitcoin, to $9,200
Most markets are down Thursday, including stocks and bitcoin.

Bitfinex Must Face New York Allegations Over $850M in Lost Funds, Appeals Court Rules
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex will have to answer claims about hiding millions in lost funds, a New York appeals court ruled on Thursday.

BitClub Programmer Admits Mining Scheme Stole $722M in Bitcoin
The Romanian programmer pleaded guilty to wire fraud and the offering and sale of unregistered securities.

Inequality, Social Chaos, Bankruptcy Rallies: The Best Insights From FinTwit June 2020
From the "Robinhood Rally" to the most profit-disconnected stock market in history, these are the most interesting ideas from FinTwit last month.

I’m a Syrian Refugee. This Is How Bitcoin Changed My Life
Now living in the Netherlands, Tey Elrjula explains how bitcoin helped him build a new life as an entrepreneur, educator and author.

WikiLeaks Shop Now Accepts Bitcoin Lightning Payments
In 2011, WikiLeaks was among the first organizations to accept donations in bitcoin. Now its shop is taking bitcoin payments over Lightning.

Tron Arbitration Challenged in Hostile Work Environment Lawsuit
Two technology developers are trying to keep their workplace harassment lawsuit against the Tron Foundation in a court rather than arbitration.

Bitcoin Started Moving in Sync With S&P 500, Volume Dropped, Kraken Says in June Volatility Report
According to the crypto exchange’s report, June was the most uneventful month for Bitcoin (BTC) trading since February and was marked by a reversal in correlation trends with gold and the S&P 500.

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 9, 2020
With bitcoin headed back up and Brazil's real hitting new lows, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back!

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