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Chinese #Metoo Movement Turns to Ethereum to Evade Censorship

Inspired by the #metoo movement, students in China are coding messages into the ethereum blockchain to escape Chinese internet censorship.

Sequoia Sues Crypto Exchange Binance After Investment Deal Collapses

The founder of the Binance exchange is facing a lawsuit in Hong Kong over allegations he breached an exclusivity agreement with a big-name investor.

Salesforce Among 12 New Members to Join Blockchain Research Institute

Canadian government-backed Blockchain Research Institute announced the addition of 12 new members today, including cloud computing company Salesforce.

China's Official Government Auditor Is Looking at Blockchain Solutions

China's National Audit Office thinks blockchain streamline its data storage operations.

TD Ameritrade Put An Actual Ad on the Bitcoin Blockchain

TD Ameritrade used bitcoin's "memo" area to plant a digital flag on the cryptocurrency's ledger.

Arizona's Crypto Tax Payments Bill Clears Hurdle

Arizona's revamped cryptocurrency tax bill was approved by a key committee on Monday.

Mutual Fund Giant Bars Employees from Investing in ICOs

One of the world's largest asset managers has updated its code of ethics to account for the blockchain-based fundraising method.

$150K Stolen From MyEtherWallet Users in DNS Server Hijacking

According to MyEtherWallet's CEO, the issue has been resolved.

Iceland's 'Big Bitcoin Heist' Suspect Has Been Arrested

Iceland's alleged bitcoin mining computer thief Sindri Thor Stefansson, who escaped from prison last week, was arrested in Amsterdam Monday.

Blockchain Insurance Policy Developed for Hurricane-Prone Puerto Rico

A decentralized insurance policy built with blockchain and smart contract technology will provide cover for natural disasters in Puerto Rico.

Crypto Winter or Spring Revival? Take CoinDesk's State of Blockchain Survey

A return to normal, rules on the rise, and did you pay the tax, man? Let us know in our latest industry survey.

War On Miners? Maybe Not On This $2 Billion Blockchain

A proposal up for consideration on the ethereum classic blockchain could open the $2 billion network to a controversial type of mining hardware.

Bitcoin Is Facing Stiff Resistance On Road to $10K

Bitcoin is looking bullish today, but must leap several resistance hurdles on the way to $10,000, chart analysis suggests.

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