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Privacy Crypto Monero Celebrates Its 5th Birthday
The privacy coin Monero celebrated yesterday five years of existence.

Malware Crypto Ransoms Rose By Almost 90% in Q1: Report
The average payout for ransomware attacks rose dramatically in the first quarter of 2019 – largely due to one variant called Ryuk.

Data Market Ocean Tries New Token Sale After CoinList Offering Misses Target
After a token sale on CoinList failed to reach its target, data marketplace Ocean is trying again on crypto exchange Bittrex International.

Volkswagen to Track Minerals Supply Chains Using IBM Blockchain
Volkswagen Group has joined an initiative tracking mineral supply chains using a platform built on IBM Blockchain.

In First, FinCEN Penalizes Bitcoin Trader for Violating AML Laws
U.S. regulator FinCEN has for the first time penalized a cryptocurrency trader for breaking anti-money laundering rules.

South Korean Crypto Exchange Coinnest Announces Closure
Cryptocurrency exchange Coinnest, once South Korea's third largest, is shutting up shop, citing a drop-off in trade.

Aragon Vote Aims to Restrict Ethereum App from Funding Polkadot Blockchain
Ethereum project Aragon is getting ready to vote on whether to expand operations to include blockchain interoperability platform Polkadot.

Overstock’s tZERO Token Market Misses Closing Date for $100 Million Raise
Overstock’s tZERO security token trading platform has once again failed to close on a capital injection by the targeted date.

As ICO Business Dried up, This Firm’s Headcount Fell From 120 to 50
Significant layoffs at Ambisafe tell the tale of another ICO services startup that got too big in 2018.

NYDFS: Why We Rejected Bittrex’s Application for a BitLicense
Bittrex is not telling the full story about its BitLicense denial, a New York Department of Financial Services official writes.

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